Nathaniel Broughton

I'm a 31-year-old working in private equity and private investments. My wife, Kristi, and I live in La Jolla, CA. In between trips to the beach, I'm always actively investing (real estate/established companies), networking and looking for new acquisitions. So feel free to hit me up.

Find Me

Find me on Twitter @natebro or on LinkedIn. Locally, we run a networking group called

As a managing partner with Succession Capital / Lynx Equity Limited, I look for boring cash-flow businesses to acquire. Typically, we purchase small businesses from retiring owners in the $2 million to $8 million range ($500K-2 million in EBITDA)

Our La Jolla office also frequently welcomes young, hustling talent (interns apply!). And we can always use another for pickup soccer ...


A partial list of businesses I'm involved with are listed below.

  1. Succession Capital, parent is Lynx Equity Limited
  2. Growth Partner Capital
  3. Spread Effect
  4. Equara
  6. Injekt (investor)
  7. PathMapp (investor)
  8. Plus1 Marketing, Inc 500
  9. VA Mortgage Center (now called Veterans United), Inc 500
  10. SoccerPro
  11. Network, Acquired 2007
  12. Show-Me Tickets, Inc 500, Acquired 2005